Save on Netflix, HBO, Stan, Amazon Prime, Foxtel, Presto. Free hacks and alternatives.

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We all love movies and the web series on Netflix, HBO, Stan, Amazon Prime, Foxtel, Presto and the list goes on. But the point is we can’t subscribe to every one of them. We have to choose between them and that’s not what we want to do. Let me share some ideas on how you can save on Netflix subscriptions. Using this concept you can easily share your favorite subscriptions without paying anything or may a fraction of the cost.

Netflix is soon going to increase the price again, what!!! This is are the best hacks / alternatives.  

Sharing is Caring

ITunes & Netflix


Free Streaming Sites.

Call & Ask

Other ways



Sharing is Caring


We have all learned in school that sharing is caring and you can apply it over here for your favorite subscriptions. Current Netflix Australia prices are One Screen SD: $9.99 per month. Two Screens HD: $13.99 per month. Four Screens HD & UHD: $17.99 per month.

Now obviously we all want UHD, so you have guessed it right. Find a friend who currently is or wants to subscribe for the four screens plan and divide the cost. You will be paying less than $9 per month. This is still cheaper than one screen plan. It will work with more than 2 friends as well. So if you have 3 mates happy to share than great it’s about $6 per month.  

I would not recommend it more than three people sharing the plan as sometimes if you are downloading something from Netflix and watching something on another screen it still counts as 4 screen in use. So better safe than sorry J

ITunes & Netflix


Now many of us don’t generally use Apple iTunes account for subscriptions. But if you are an apple fan like me than you may have everything apple and using an iTunes account does make sense. However if you not it won’t make any difference. You can still use the iTunes account id on your Netflix access page. So the trick is to get an iTunes gift card on a discount. Woolworths and Coles are the best places to do that. I have seen as much as 40% off on the iTunes gift cards. Now even if you subscribed to a four screen plan for $17.99 per month you are still saving about $7.00 a month that’s awesome.

All you have to do is to have an eye on the iTunes and buy them in bulk. Currently there is a promotion going on in office works where you can get a $30 iTunes gift card for $25. That’s more like 15% savings.



Before streaming services started picking up heat. Torrenting was the go to site for all the content. Well it still is for some people. However these days government throughout the world have started cracking on the torrents sites to win the fight against piracy. However some sites are still accessible. So if you are someone who believes Internet should be free than this hack is for you. You should have already guessed it by now. You can download anything and everything on torrents (if you can’t access your favourite torrent sites, I will soon be writing about how to access torrent sites for FREE, so stay tuned). And obviously its 100% free provided you have free data, but the point is there is no monthly subscriptions you get great quality content for free.

Free Streaming Sites.


With the streaming business taking off, there are more players than we know give content for free, yes you heard it right totally free or some for a fraction of cost. These sites are also easily accessible on your phone or TV as the other subscriptions services and they do have great content, except from few which is only accessible from a Pc/Mac. Well the list is below see it yourself.   (free)   (free)  (free) (Limited accessibility, VPN) (rental) (free) (Small Fee) (free)

And of course

Will keep the list updated so you always get the good stuff.

Call & Askcall-center-1027342_1920

Yes I am not joking, as soon as your free term expires just call them and say you haven’t got a chance to view or you have been busy or something similar and request an extension for the free period. This is actually true and they can sometimes extend it for as much as 3 months for free depending on the service, but Netflix will mostly give you 30 days of extension.

Other ways

Well there are other ways like websites giving discount codes on Netflix or Look out for deals giving free subscriptions like American Express or other intuitions. I am can’t give you specific details on this one as it keeps on changing and the discount codes you get are not always working. But don’t stop trying your luck.

Optimistically I have covered most of the scenarios to get cheap or discounted Netflix or any other subscriptions services and there alternatives to free online content, hope this is helpful.

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