Save on Netflix, HBO, Stan, Amazon Prime, Foxtel, Presto. Free hacks and alternatives.

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We all love movies and the web series on Netflix, HBO, Stan, Amazon Prime, Foxtel, Presto and the list goes on. But the point is we can’t subscribe to every one of them. We have to choose between them and that’s not what we want to do. Let me share some ideas on how you can save on Netflix subscriptions. Using this concept you can easily share your favorite subscriptions without paying anything or may a fraction of the cost.

Netflix is soon going to increase the price again, what!!! This is are the best hacks / alternatives.  

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Free Streaming Sites.

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Other ways

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The Journey Begins

Hello World 🙂 !!! I always wanted to start a blog about tech, but that day never came until today. All of a sudden today morning i saw the date and it was 1st Aug 2018 and I was like ‘I just can’t wait any longer I have to start writing’. So here it goes…

I am sure you would have noticed the name of the blog is budget Techie and that’s because my background is Finance and IT, so I am bit of both. I believe spending money on tech should be after proper market research. I don’t want to rust to a store and pay couple of hundred dollars more just because I can get it first or it’s a new thing in the market. I love to find tech at bargain. Most of the times we tend to spend money on tech/services without exploring the market which ends up in losing money.

My purpose is to give the most updated prices, review and tips for the tech product/services which are on special in real time. I am from Sydney, Australia so my price comparison will be mostly from Australia, but I will try my best and match the pricing from around the world (depending on the product/service).

So stay tuned 🙂

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton